Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Yule Ritual

You will need two candles, one used and the other new. The color doesn't matter.

At the beginning light the used one and say:

On this day of the longest night
let us take the time to see our own light.
Turning to the past so we many learn
the source of our fears and what makes our passion burn.
Forgiveness and healing we do seek
so those lessons will be complete.
As the flame of the past burns down and out
we ignite present free of doubt.
As this new flame burns proud and bright
we see our blessings come into our sight.
With love and hope springing from our hearts and souls
we share our blessing and help others achieve their goals.
As we give to others free of ties that bind
so shall we be blessed with miracles in kind.
For a gifts given to others in the name of the love
are returned to us three fold as grace from above.
For the blessings I have been given in this past year
I gratefully say thank you for the laughter and the tears.

(Light the new candle from the old)

So now from the old flame I light the new
and the wick represents of my life renewed.
As this new flame burns hot and bright
so ends this darkest night.
As the new dawn does break,
so do my new possibilities do awake.

Let the candle burn out on their own and be open to new opportunities as well as special intuitions which will show you the way.

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