Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caylee Anthony is Not Dead

Caylee Anthony is not dead. Those are not her remains that were found. The body they found was planted two weeks ago as way to force Casey into turning evidence the police thinks she has on a the drug dealers she had been working with.

The babysitter was the one who took the child and gave her to the people who have her now. She was killed three days later and put in the Casey's truck as a warning. The police know all this. They have been leaking misinformation all along in order to make Casey "crack." The media is had been doing a hell of a job helping them.

The body that was found is male, closer to four years old and Latino He died by strangulation. The bone in the neck that starts with an “h” is broken. There are also three other broken bones--two in the arms and one leg. This child suffered long term abuse. The name I’m getting starts with F. I’m not sure if it’s a first or last. The boy died about 13 months ago.

I'm getting something like Macomb, Macon and Georgia. I have felt for a long time that Caylee was in Georgia. For a while she was in the northern part. However, both Macomb and Macon are in the center.

The family she is with is the sister of the man Casey was carrying drugs for. Casey used her party girl image to carry drugs/money into and out of clubs. Casey also had a sexual relationship with one of the primary dealers. He is the one who got her the job as mule. The police have been monitoring the Casey and her employers but they were unable to get hard evidence. They put the word out that they had turned one of the mules and implied that Casey was the one, which is why Caylee was taken.

The name Karen G comes to mind. She is 23 years old, brown hair brown eyes. She works as a temp as secretary for an insurance company. Last summer she miscarried her third pregnancy. She recently moved to a new town. Although she talks about her daughter, she tells her co-works that she can’t show them pictures because they were lost in a fire. She also claims that her daughter has respiratory issues due to the same fire which is why she is kept at home. Her younger sisters Ann or Amy is helping take care of Caylee. They are hoping that as Caylee ages her appearance will change enough so that people will not recognize her.

One thing I forgot to add is that Caylee knew the babysitter as Anita. That is why she didn't recognize her legal name. Anita is dead. She was killed protecting Caylee.

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