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Wiiccan/Pagan Holiday: Samhain or Halloween

Samhain or Halloween--October 31

Traditionally, Samhain is the ending of the Pagan and Wiccan year. The final harvests have been brought in and the finally preparations for winter have been made. Animals are slaughtered and their meat preserved. It is the day when the veils between the realms are the thinnest. Whether dead loved ones or earth spirits, this time of year communication with them is the easiest. It is the time for honoring your ancestors and making amends with those who have crossed over. Many Wiccans and Pagans believe it is the most important day of the year as it is not only a time of honoring our ancestors, but is an accounting of our actions.

With the veils between realms thinned, the dead and earth spirits are able to walk freely among the living. Ritually spirits are invited to attend festivals in their honor. Banquets are prepared with the choices meats and vegetables being set aside for those who have crossed over. Frequently these meals are silent as each participant remembers their loved one and looks for signs of their presence. The food on the spirits’ plates remains uneaten. Instead, after the dinner the ritual continues as the food is offered up outside and left behind. Deities, earth spirits and elementals are also petitioned for protection and for boons. Calls are more easily heard and answered during this time.

Spiritually, what we have sent out comes back for good or ill. Just as the harvest has been collected, so does the karmic debt come due. The thinning curtain only makes the Deities of Justice more active and powerful. Whether it is said as "What goes around, comes around" or "So share ye sow, so shall ye reap", what we have created shall manifest as a blessing or a challenge.

Many of the Halloween traditions come from the fear of spirits. The masks were designed to disguise identities and to scare away evil spirits. Treat or treating represents the offerings left out to honor the ancestors and tithes to the deities. Christians created All Saints Day on November 1 as a way to counter act the popularity of the Samhain festival.

Karmic Balancing

You will need:

one white candle

Light the candle and say:

“In the shelter of this candle of white
I call to my guardians to help me make things right.
In this waking dream of mine
may I find myself in another place and time.
Back to the start where this challenge rose
may my souls secrets unfold.
Let the challenges of the past
be revealed to me at last.
I seek the reasons why
my plans for the future continue to die.
What debts do I owe
or what harm I did sew?
Whether partial or full payment to balance the scales
I seek to pay without sad tales.
I only ask that lessons come with light
as I offer grace to those who didn’t do me right.
If I need to pay full measure
may the lessons be kept on a light and love tether.
Asking only to make things right
so I may follow the path of light.
May the lessons be clear
so that I may understand the tears.
Walking through the healing fire
let me find the strength not to tire.
Grace and peace is what I seek
so that I may find the kindest release.
Thank you for you blessing and love
as I continue to reach for the wisdom from above.”

Meditate on the candle for as long as you need to. The candle can be relit at times when the lessons become to challenging or frightening so you may reground and reconnect you to your guides.

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