Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sacred Sites by Sherrie Adkins

I was young, I walked the farm my grandfather owned. He took me to a place where we made offerings to Grandmother Earth. It was a small waterfall in the spring and a half circle of grass with a four foot high shelf of line stone with sparkly quartz in it the rest of the year. We took pretty stones, or a perfect flower, or a bright leaf and laid it on the shelf. He never said we were performing an act of worship, yet I knew that was what we did, and it meant more to me than any church service! I found peace and serenity there, and felt the presence of Spirit.

Later, in the Sixties, I lived in Arkansas and was involved in spelunking (cave exploring). I had a chance to go into a cave that was a sun temple of the little people. We crawled through a worm hole on elbows and knees, (I was a lot thinner then! LOL!) and came out in a circular cave, which was about seventy-five feet tall, and had two levels of cave to it. In the middle of the bottom round was a flat stone made of travel time which contained a lot of quartz. On the summer solstice, the sun shone directly on that stone from a small sink hole in the top of the cave. That place was very wakan (holy). I could *hear* voices singing in there, and I knew it was considered a womb of Grandmother Earth by those who had worshipped there.

When I lived in Highland Park, I had a jacaranda tree in my back yard. Two ley lines crossed under that tree and formed a swirling pool of energy we could draw on for Circle, so I had my medicine wheel built there. We did circle around that tree for over ten years. It grew so big and so beautiful that it towered over the whole neighborhood, and shone a lovely silver hue in the full moonlight. After I moved, I would go back and see the tree from time to time. It drooped after a few years and the silver went away. I had only rented, not owned the property, so I couldn't stay with my tree.

What I am trying to say to you is that the sacred places are all around you. Open your spirits, your hearts, your very souls and look for them. Any time you cast a circle to do magic, you have created a sacred place. If you cast in the same place repeatedly, it becomes more and more sacred. Those who come after you will feel that energy and also respond to it in their own way. Generations of worshippers created Stonehenge, the Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, Notre Dame, and any other sacred site you can name.

You can create a sacred site in your own back yard. I know because I did! Maybe it didn't have the force of a Stonehenge or the others, yet it was sacred to us and we worked some wonderful healing in that place.

Love, Sherrie

Sherrie Adkins is a spiritual councilor and healer. For consultation email her at

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