Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knights Templar: The Sisters of Avalon Have Awakened

Alata was the first to arouse the memories from their soulful slumber. The first of them all, she physically appeared at the appointed place only to find betrayal and death. As her soul lifted from this life to return to the spiritual plane, she set the events in motion that brought Alyssa to this historical depository to finish what she had started. Learning from Alata’s mistake, Alyssa chose to wait until she was strong enough spiritually cross the distance and physically manifest. Leaving her body behind, she afforded herself a safety cushion that her sister did not have. Although Alata’s blood had been wiped off the great stone floor and her body was unceremoniously dumped in the sea, the injustice be forgotten or forgiven. As a new body was being prepared, Alata remained ever attentive guardian angel for those sisters who remained incarnated.

The office was old, holding treasures and wisdom of the ages--lost scrolls and ancient artifacts filled the shelves and covered the walls. Yet the modern conveniences of the information age surrounded and the covered the massive desk which all else was centered around. Legends claimed that the Temple Mount first site where the knights gathered. The legend was wrong. It was here north of Skaw on the small Shetland island of Unst that the Knights first met and made the pact with the Outerlings. On the turbulent, rocky shore, they set down their roots and the course for generations to come. In secret the ships landed, carrying the wisdom and the wealth of the ages to be kept in safe keeping for the time when the Sisterhood would awaken.

Generations of Templar Knights had cross the threshold to become guardians of the future. The guard changed. The weapons changed. Yet their task remained the same; they were charged to guard the resources for the Sisterhood until such time they returned to fulfill their destinies.

The Sisters had returned to human form, yet their protectors refused to appear and their resources remained locked in hidden away by petty egos and power greedy men. No longer did they seek to serve, but control that which they swore to defend. Directly behind the desk where the Templar shield should be, a Circle with many lines hung in its stead.

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