Tuesday, August 12, 2008

West Palm Beach: Raw Video: Police Beating Caught on Tape

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The West Palm Beach, Florida police department has released a video that shows a robbery suspect being kicked and punched repeatedly by 3 officers back in May

In Bradenton Florida, This Prostitute had a good thing going "she thought"
The Good Old Boys had been giving her "protection" for Blowjobs and sex.
The police even gave her drugs,probably extorted off someone else during an arrest.
This had been verified by a lie detector test that she was telling the truth.
This beating and kidnapping came AFTER she told her story of the crooked cops and an "investigation" started. 8 15 2007

An internal affairs inquiry has confirmed allegations that former Bradenton police officers gave a prostitute drugs and money in exchange for sex, according to documents obtained today by the Herald-Tribune.

The internal affairs investigation, released by police officials this morning, indicates that a convicted prostitute was telling the truth when she made claims of sexual liasions with Officer Larry Pritchett and Detective Pete Biddlecome.

Another prostitute told investigators that she had sex with Officer Larry Anderson.

All three men resigned for "personal reasons" in recent weeks.According to interview transcripts, prostitute Dawn Marie Gibson says Pritchett had sex with her five times, gave her a total of $127 and five pieces of crack cocaine and offered to keep her safe from arrest. Biddlecome, according to the reports, received oral sex from Gibson in a squad car and later gave her $10. Anderson had sex with a 24-year-old prostitute in a police substation, internal affairs investigators concluded.


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