Monday, August 25, 2008

Telecommuting Jobs or Home-based Business:

Telecommuting Jobs or Home-based Business:
The waves of the Future
Theresa Chaze

Working from home is no longer stuffing envelops or assembling gadgets in get rich quick schemes. Although these opportunities are lurking in mass on the net, most people see them for what they are and are avoiding them. Instead, they are using their talents and skills to start their own companies, which not only give them substantial incomes and job security, but also give them the freedom to work where and when they wish. Not only are more people than ever are creating home based business, but Fortune 500 companies are seeing the advantages of creating telecommuting jobs.

Home based businesses are no longer just sidelines or hobbies to bring in extra income. They are rapidly becoming successful full time jobs. No longer do parents have to seek daycare for their children or worry about the affects their long working hours are having on them. Instead, they remain the primary care givers while still making a substantial living. From dog sitting to wood working, people are using their talents and interests as income producing opportunities. One Mississippi woman used her grandmother’s recipes to create a home based business, which started as a way to keep the electricity on; within five years, she became a local phenomenon as her products where not only sold online but were on the shelves coast to coast. Many people are also taking their professional experience and become consults to those companies who need the services, but not enough to higher a full time staff person. Whether accounting, computer technologies, or the many other professions, more people are choosing to walk their own path and retain control over their own destiny.

In 2003, the Dieringer Research Group conducted a survey for the American Interactive Group. The results showed that 4.4 million people worked at least one day from their home or out of the office; by 2004, that number rose to 8.1 million. In 2005, reported there were 22.2 million people who worked outside the company office at least one day a week. With more major companies finding the financial advantages of telecommuting workers, more people are optioning out of going into the workplace and creating their own home office with a view. Allowing employees to telecommute has cut down on absenteeism and increased productivity, while cutting costs. No longer are large central offices required to run a productive company.

New technologies has opened the door to new locations. Inside or out, the home office is limited only by the individual’s imagination. Wireless internet systems allow access to the world wide web from any where in or around the home, while satellite systems keep you connected any where from the beach to mountain tops. Cell phones and cordless phones make communication equally efficient from multiple locations. With the increasing efficiency of batteries and more mobile alternative energy sources, laptops are not only effective tools, but are highly mobile. With the same technical capacity of a desktop, the laptop enables the user to carry their business in a brief case across the country or out into the yard.

It is easier than every before for the individual to follow their bliss while still remaining financially independent. Whether starting their own business or telecommuting, working from home is rapidly becoming the current trend. It has given many the financial independence and security they desire, while increasing their job satisfaction.

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