Friday, July 04, 2008

Kathy Lee Gifford Bigoted Statements and Patronizing Apology: YouTube Videos

When Don Imus said racial and sexist comments on the air, he was fired. Racist liberal talk show host, Michael McGee was suspended indefinitely when he wished a local conservative talker had burned to death. Other individuals in the media, sports, and the movie and music industries performers, who made harmful and bigoted comments, were held responsible either by censure, firing or suspension. Yet when Kathy Lee Gifford said, "The Pagans. The nasty, bad Pagans believed that it was bad luck to carry metal on their right side." she received no consequences for her bigoted remarks. In addition, her apology was condescending and patronizing. It was shallow and flippant; I'm sorry for whatever I have done; she never admitted that her remarks were harmful.

For the past seven years, according to the FBI statistics, violence against non-Christians has been rising, as has the cases of discrimination in the work place, housing and the legal system. People have been fired from jobs without cause. They have been kicked out of housing. They have lost custody of their children. They have had their businesses vandalized and the police refuse to actively investigate.

Indiana Judge Cale Bradford overstepped his authority in the parents that they may not expose their 9-year-old son to their Pagan beliefs while he was officiating their divorce case. Both parents were Pagan; neither had an issue with the spiritual path.

This past winter, a Wisconsin town opened their holiday display include all faiths. When the Wiccan wreath with a pentacle in the center was destroyed, it was not allowed to be replaced. Yet the Christian display was allowed to remain.

Last Halloween a man hung a witch in effigy and called it a decoration. When his neighbor complained she was harassed and called a crackpot. Yet when empty nooses where hung in a tree, it became a national controversy.

In Mississippi, a family of four (the parents with two small children) were evicted from their home with three day notice because of they were Wiccan.

In Texas, an occult shop owner was driven out of town and followed to others with death threats; the police did nothing.

In North Carolina, a woman asked that the prayer at the opening and closing of the township board meeting be more inclusive and none specific, she was ignored. She sued and won, which ended the prayers all together due to the violation the separation between church and state. She was harassed on the street. Her home and business were vandalized. Her pets were killed, including her parakeet, who was decapitated. There was a note attached promising that she would be next. The police claimed she was doing the damage herself.

In California, a private Beltane celebration, which was held on private property, was invaded by thugs, blaring Christian music, and harassing the participates. The police arrived two hours later and did nothing.

In Michigan, a small store was vandalized. The owner’s car had the bolts loosened to the tires along with other damage. The sheriff did nothing.

Gifford’s apology never addressed the bigoted statement. She never accepted responsibility for spreading bigotry and ignorance. Her attitude was someone said I did something wrong: I don’t think so, but I’ll say I’m sorry to make it go away. It was very clear by her attitude that she was patronizing those that complained. She said the words; she didn’t mean them. In order for the Pagan and Wiccan communities to receive justice, Gifford has to suffer the same penalties as Imus and McGee. She needs to be fired or suspended. Her comments were no less harmful than theirs were.

The problem is that the Pagan/Wiccan communities can’t see beyond the difference to see that they have more in common. Herding cats is easier. These situations are allowed to continue because we can’t come together as a single political force. We are the fastest growing religion in the country, yet we have the least amount of power. It is time we start working together financially and politically. When we do, there will be real changes made. Below is contact information. I wasn’t able to find Gifford’s. Hate filled ranting letters won’t make the point. However, being calm logical and to the point will get their attention, especially if the sponsored are boycotted. Hit them in the wallet and you have their attention,

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