Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skyla Wihitaker/Taylor Paschal-Placker--Psychic impressions

I have the feeling that two brothers shot the Skyla and Taylor. The names Dan and Dave came to me. One is married; the other is single but has a girlfriend. The married brother has a long history of domestic abuse of his spouse and their two sons. There is also a teenage girl connected or living with the family; I believe she is a cousin. The single brother's fingerprints are in the system for robbery, sexual assault and driving under the influence. Their ages range from 23-28. They are both high school drop out. One was caught shooting beer cans off playground equipment as a teenager. They are strong connected to the area through their family, who is very clannish. They believe it is the family against the world to the point of being hostile to strangers. 1.35 miles as the crow flies is where the authorities will find the answers they seek.


MarySees said...

Dear Theresa,

From what I have picked up, I also believe there are two young killers in this case. I have posted my thoughts at a forum, and I have drawn a couple of sketches of images that were in my head. I didn't get them as brothers, but I'm sure that is possible. I got different names, but I'm not very good with names. Check out what I got, and see what you think. I am providing you with a link. There is also a link at the bottom of my first post where you can see the sketches.

MarySees said...

I see it chopped off the link. The link was from Websleuths. It was in A Psychic Perspective thread in the section about Taylor and Skyla.

I think I saw you at Topix. That's why I came here.