Monday, June 16, 2008

Need a Book Trailer? Let me help you


The newest online marketing tool for authors is the book video, which is also called a book trailer. By combining video with a voice over and music, the author can promote not only their electronic book, but also their print books that are available through bookstores. More than an ad, the videos are able to go beyond the synopsis to give the reader a deeper understanding of the book. Trailers combined with SEO keywords make an effective marketing tool for both fiction and nonfiction books of all genres.

With the increasing number and the popularity of video sites, trailers are an effective and inexpensive way to promote books. Once it is produced, the trailer can be uploaded on an infinite number of sites without extra charge or loss of quality. YouTube is not the only social site that has the capacity for video promotion. Networks such as AOL, Yahoo, Google, and MSN are only several of the possible promotional opportunities. Each has their own networking system; however, these uploaded videos are a searchable by the major search engines giving them a far reaching capability.

Not only do I write scripts for book videos, I also produce them for myself and other authors. My resume includes Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Video production with a minor in Theatre. I have over six years experience in broadcast TV as a producer, director and all around tech. I have two novels in print, with a third due out this fall. In addition, I am an award winning screenwriter. Nearly two years ago, I decided to combine my experience by producing digital videos.

I work with authors, publishers, and PR representatives of all genres. The only books that I will not work with are those that promote hatred and bigotry. To see examples of what I can do for you please go to my YouTube site at Currently I am working for 20.00 an hour with a production time for each trailer running between 5-6 hours.

Please email me at Tirgana @ to learn more of what I can do for you.

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