Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Wiccan Protection Ritual

The Egg Ritual is protection ritual that is designed to remove a person from your life and to keep him/her from returning.

The Egg Ritual
Eggs are considered symbols of the soul and are used in many rituals.

What you will need:
Eight eggs or an egg for each of the phase you intend to use.
A frying pan
A shovel
A place outside to bury
A symbol or picture of the person

Place the frying pan on the stove and with the picture behind it. Concentrate on the image or symbol.
Break an egg before each line and pour the egg in the frying pan:
“I shatter your ability to lie to me or about me.”
“I shatter your ability to manipulate me.”
“I shatter your ability to control me.”
“I shatter your ability to physically harm me.”
“I shatter your ability to frighten me.”
“I shatter your ability to find me.”
“I shatter your ability to know or understand me.”
“I shatter your ability to talk to me or about me.”

(You may add more but do not cross the line and start controlling what they may think about. You are just removing yourself from the situation.)

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After you have cracked all the eggs, scramble them and turn on the burner and say.

“As this these eggs become one, so the magic has begun. As they cook, the universal energy charges the message.”

When they are fully cooked, put the symbol or picture on top and say.

“With the will and justice of the universe (the person’s name) is forever banished from my life.”

Take the mixture, outside and dig a hole, dump the mixture in the hole, saying:
“I ground whatever (the person’s name) sends to me into the earth”
Bury the hole and walk away.

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