Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anger Vampires

Anger Vampires
Theresa Chaze
Several years ago, a woman started working at the same small factory as myself. At first, Cathy seemed like a very nice person; however, she quickly showed her true colors. Even though she was a very good worker, she was also very good at stirring up trouble between the other employees. By subtly manipulating conversations and people, she was able to cause conflicts that quickly were blown out of proportion. Even though she was the source of the conflict, she was never held responsible. Many times, I went home feeling angry, tired and ill. Many of the other employees complained about feeling the same way.
I didn't understand why the atmosphere in the factory suddenly changed until I talked to a friend of mine who was more spiritually aware. Danielle told me of a of vampire that feeds off the anger energy. Like all emotions, anger has an identifiable frequency that radiates out from a person. Like love, friendship and joy, anger energy can be sensed by others even if it is not verbally or physically acted upon. Anger vampires cannot only sense it, but it is this energy that sustains them. Like all vampires, they are incapable of regenerating on their own. They need feed off others have strength and vigor. In order to maintain a constant supply of food, they will deliberately create conflicts in order to charge the atmosphere with angry energy.
Danielle suggested a test to verify if Cathy was an anger vampire. The next time she attempted to start a conflict, instead of becoming angry I should visualize giving her a bouquet of flowers. If the situation calmed down, there was something else going on. However, if Cathy persisted or increased her attempts, then she was an anger vampire. The next Monday, she started to pick a fight. I smiled and visualized offering her a bunch of pink carnations. She was startled for a moment, but she increased her efforts. I had my answer.
The only way to get rid of any type of vampire is to starve them out. Instead of getting angry, I started mentally blessing her and sending her love. In doing so, not only did I take myself off the menu, but also my energy actually became toxic to her. Granted the first few times, when I mentally said “bless you” it had more of the feel of two other words, but the words themselves were still effective. At first, she tried harder to goad me into an argument. Yet the more I blessed her, the easier it was to actually mean the words when I saw how effective they were. After a few days, she started avoiding me and concentrated on the other employees. There was no way I could explain to the others what was going on, so in their name I blessed her. At first, she was shocked and kept trying, but after a couple of weeks, she quit working at the factory. Suddenly everyone was feeling better and the most of the tension dissipated.

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