Thursday, May 29, 2008

Virtual Book Tour: Emotionaless Souls

My new short story collection, Emotionless Souls, explores the absurd side of society. A society that is numb to the actions of others as well as the environment around them.

Open Door Policy, one of twenty shorts in my new book details a worker trying to fit into the cubicle world. The difference here is that the initiation includes sex fueled torture from the boss. All of us encounter the controlling folks of the world; the question you need to ask is whether it is worth it. “I was finally part of the team” gleams the narrator at the end of the story, for him, one night of teeth gnashing was well worth being able to share a cup of coffee with his associates.

Each day we encounter people around us, our first impression is based on actions, not what they are feeling. The Dublin Trip and Berets and Bendy Straws are similar stories detailing those we encounter and the reactions we have. Nothing is more real then being in a foreign land with no fear searching out for what is lurking around the corner. If you want to learn about the world, or people in general why not have too many drinks and just wander around looking for items of interest, or trouble; which ever you find first.

Stretching the mind to your limit is essential; whatever is your personal limit is you need to exercise this area of the brain. Pushing from within; whether reading fiction, writing, or living in general, searching for that natural high. If not, how do you know where your edge is?

Gag, White Christmas, and Slam Dunk use the corporate arena as a back drop for what we all know happens around us, and many would rather not acknowledge. What some may refer to as transgression fiction, others will view as reality. In White Christmas, Hanzel suspects a coworker of stealing his cocaine, having to navigate through an office Christmas party, leading to confrontation. For the office prankster, Gag shows what happens when the funny phone calls and missing staplers go to the next level. Slam Dunk asks how far you will go for recognition.

Each story in Emotionless Souls whether based on jealous porn stars, corrupt comics, or subway thieves finds a person in a low place, often dipping lower before eventually finding redemption in the most unconventional of ways. For more information on my books and writing go to:

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