Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brekleby Press: A New Sci-fi Novel of Time and Truth

Brekleby Press: A New Sci-fi Novel of Time and Truth

In true sci-fi fashion, The Brekleby Press (ISBN: 978-0980107302 ) asks the questions how much do we really know about our past and do we really want to know the truth? Deborah Thomas creates a world where the reporters are no longer limited by time and space; instead, they become guardians of the past, who are not only able to observe history as it happens, but to retrieve what has been lost.

Natalie joins a motley crew of special reporters who travel thru time and space to record the little things of daily history. Natalie views her team’s abilities as lacking. They see her as inept and excess baggage, making for a rough fit until she finds her true calling. She finds the secret the council wishes to remain hidden. However, what was to remain within the council walls, she is about to set release. The time machine is the ultimate prize, and the guardianship becomes a small portion of the presence.

Describing herself as a disorganized tanzmanian perfectionist, Thomas admires Maya Angelo for her realism and old school way of seeing life. She also likes Tyler Perry; she shares his view that values and respect have been lost in the world today. She would like her readers to remember to find a little fantasy in every day.

The concept for Brekleby Press came to Thomas as concept for the National Novel Writers Month. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word story in thirty days. Brekleby Press is Thomas’s first proud attempt. Released November 2007 by Miroglyphics, it is available through,, B&N online, Borders Books online and from the author at

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