Monday, December 03, 2007

Wiccan Tarot Reader

Magical fantasy author and life coach, Theresa Chaze has accepted the invitation to join Psychic Power Network. She has over twenty years experience reading Tarot, but she uses her natural born intuition and empathy to give her readings more detail. Through her maternal line, she has the ability to speak to those who have crossed over and to communicate with animals. Her life experiences have given her a unique perspective not only on life, but also has given her the ability to see how we are all interconnected and that one of us are really alone. Like pieces of a puzzle, we all have our own unique shape and image, but we are also part of one big picture. She helps others find the path to healing and regain their personal power. She can advise on any topic or concern with excellent accuracy and without judgment. Theresa is available to do online Tarot Readings. She charges 30.00 for a double Celtic Cross and 15.00 for a 7 card spread. She only accepts Paypal. Please email her at to arranged for her to help you see your options.

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