Friday, August 10, 2007

Self-publish Your Ebook for Profit and to Maintain Control
Theresa Chaze

Sony launching its new ebook company, Connect, signals a new horizon for electronic books. At one time, Stephen King couldn't successfully sell his work in electronic format; however, with increasing access to more technically friendly readers and more titles becoming available, ebooks are gaining a new popularity. Whereas, the new Sony portable devices will only read books released through Connect, they are in the minority. Most computers and ebook readers will read Adobe's PDF, giving consumers more options. They will not be limited by one company’s release list, but will be able to connect to books published by both publishers and individuals.
Books are now being simultaneously being released in the traditional paper as well as in ebook form. Not only the large traditional publishing houses, but also the smaller independents have found that ebooks can be profitable. However, it is the writers and readers who are benefiting the most. The new technology opens more venues for writers to self publish inexpensively and with a quality product. No longer are they dependant on the whims of editors and publishers to present their work to the reading public. They can publish and distribute their work independent of the established publishing system. It has opened the doors to new writers with fresh ideas to present their work with little overhead.
Whether technically challenged or simply lack of interest, not everyone is capable of converting their book into a PDF file or designing a cover that creates interest in the content. Ebook publishers can be found all over the net. They are as prolific as the POD publishers who have sprung up with the new technology. Yet, like most publishers not only do they charge for the privilege of being connected to them, but they also take a percentage of the profits. In most cases, the author is still required to do all of the marketing and promotion for their work. The publisher merely lists and distributes it. Yet there are other options to relying on others to make your work a success. Valkyrie Publishing provides a formatting conversion service, which translates word documents into PDF files and creates unique graphics for those who are time and technically challenged. Not only for Ebooks, PDF files can be useful for newsletters, ezines, or any document that will be needed to be easily opened by many computers.
Valkyrie Publishing provides a conversion service for writers who would like to publish their ebook and maintain total control over it. Since the author is hiring a service, all rights are retained by the author. This service will provide a way for more authors to publish their work while maintaining total control over the distribution and sales.
In addition, Valkyrie Publishing uses Photoshop and other graphic programs to create covers, which are professional and content appropriate. Using both royalty-free and original graphics, the illustrations are unique to the individual project. Examples of Valkyrie Publishing work can be found at, and The last site also has contact information.
Dorothy Thompson has released "A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook"; it is a comprehensive ebook that not only gives specific ways to promotion you ebook without cost, but she also gives the active links to the sites on which the author can do it. No longer does an author have to rely on professional publicist to get their work noticed by the public; they can do it themselves with the same success and with the enthusiasm only an author can supply. Endorsed by "Mr. Self-Published" Dan Poynter, this eBook explains why self-publishing eBooks is one of the most viable, not to mention profitable, ways of earning income with little or no overhead. From creating a personalized killer guerilla marketing plan to ways to turn your website into a viral marketing machine, this eBook revolutionizes our old way of thinking about publishing and carves a new way to provide authors with an alternative that will provide them with instant results which leads to more profits and self-satisfaction. You can find out more information by visiting Dorothy can be contacted at

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