Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day Magic
(an excerpt from Out of the Shadows
And into the Light)

Love Rituals

Most love rituals are in fact black magic. If you try to influence another against their will to love you, even for good reason, it is black magic and eventually you will pay. In the movie, The Craft, the one witch discovered how dangerous it could be. She forced a classmate to love her, but instead of a lover, she created a dangerous stalker. Besides wouldn't you prefer to have a love match where you were loved you for yourself instead of forcing someone to love you. How could you ever trust the love between you? Created in trickery and deceit, it could never be a dependable bond. Also in doing so, you would create very bad karma and destroy any chance you and any of your true soul mates would have of connecting.
There also several kinds of soul mates, not all of them are romantic. Some temporarily appear in our lives to help heal old wounds or to balance out karma. Some are friends from the past have found each other this time around just because they enjoy each other’s company. Still there are soul mates, who have been love matches many times before. They have laugh, cried and grown as souls together. This bond is one that cannot be broken, nor is it calm and serene, but frequently passionate and challenging as you force each other to grow towards your best and highest good.
The best way to find a love in your life is to find love in yourself first. Once you see the beauty of your soul, others will see it as well. Be yourself. Do what you like to do. It is the only way you will find someone who will love you not a facade.
With ever word you speak, every action you take you teach others how much value you place on yourself and how you expect to be treated. When you love and respect yourself, others will honor you the same way. These rituals are to help you create a wonderful love affair with yourself and restore your self respect. They will heal old wounds and help you take back your own power. In doing so, you meet others as an equal. After all, to find your soul mate you have to be able to look them in the eyes to see the soul within.
I’ve also include a few semi-traditional love spells that will draw in a romantic soul mate. Remember, that until you love yourself, no one else will either. Secondly, if you are looking for someone to date or mate, remember to list human as one of the qualities, otherwise you might find yourself with the cutest puppy instead of a spouse.

Reuniting with our own power

What you will need:

A pink candle
A red candle
A purple candle
The courage to grow and change

So many people have lost the ability to see the perfection of their own soul. Instead, they see only the imperfections that society places on them. They give up their individuality to be accepted by others and in doing so deprive themselves of their power. This ritual reinforces your soul's true self. In claiming your selfness, you become a beacon, which allows others to do the same.

After creating your circle of protection--
Light the pink candle to reclaim your friendship with yourself
Light the red candle to reclaim the passion you feel for what makes you special
Light the purple to reclaim your unique place in the universe.

Then say:

“I'm not afraid to question, for that is how I answers are found.
I'm not afraid to take back my power,
for that is how strength is born.
I'm not afraid to speak my wisdom,
for that is now knowledge is shared.
I'm not afraid to love,
for that is how healing begins.
I'm not afraid to be yourself,
for that is how others are freed.
I'm not afraid to see all women as my sisters, mothers, and daughters,
nor am I afraid to see all men as my brothers, fathers, and sons
for that is how they shall see me.
I shall rebuild what was destroyed.
For in seeing the good in myself I can see the good in others.
In seeing light in others that I have seen within,
we create a common bond that creates understanding.
In creating that bond, we reclaim our power over our lives
and send out a love that can save the world.”

Meditate on the flames until you feel peaceful. Then release your circle and allow the candles to burn down.

Finding your life path

Sometimes we lose our way emotionally and spiritually. It is okay to question where we have been and where we would like to go. In clarifying things our own minds, we frequently find possibilities that we previously over looked. This ritual and meditation will help find your path, whether it be an old one renewed or a new one that you thought was impossible.

What you will need:

A white candle
Your favorite incense

Light the candle and incense, saying:

“There was a time
I didn't have a rhythm.
For I lost me
in a sea of disbelieve.
Yet there was a spark
that sang to me as a lark.
There was still hope
that I could find the strength to cope.
Goddess show me the right track
to find so I might find my way back.
On the threshold I stand
to this foreign land.
Here in my heart questions do live,
yet the answers I cannot give.
Shall I go forth to the new and unknown
or shall stay in this place where the familiar is shown.
Goddess, show me the way to my best and highest good
so I made decide with true vision and truth without fear's hood.”

Meditate on the candle with an open heart until the candle burn down. The true message might not come at the moment but through signs and dreams. Be more aware of the world around you. Signs don't always come in flashing neon; more often than not they are as subtle as butterfly wings.

Call to the Goddess

What you will need:

A white candle
A green candle
A silver candle (or a second white if you cannot find silver)
A full moon

Cast your circle of protection. Light all three candles and say:

“I am one.
I am all.
I am separate
yet connected.
I am the shaft of wheat growing in the field,
fertile--indispensable to all that lives.
It’s my body that creates the future,
as I was created in the past.
Every shaft blows in the wind,
yet it dances to music it alone hears.

Each is unique.
Each is alone.
Each ripens
in its own time.
Separate, yet within the earth all the roots are forever intertwined
giving us strength beyond the one.
Each grounds the power of the eternal
within the roots of tomorrow.

We are the protectors.
We are the teachers.
We are the healers,
which insure the future.
Seeing beyond the moment, we have clarity of vision
to see the past and create the future.
We are the creative influence,
which inspires others to reach for the stars.

One face is a daughter.
One face is a mother.
One face is a crone,
yet there is but one.
Within each is all, sister, mother, daughter, grandmother each in turn,
yet all remain within each soul.
One with all within the heart of the moon,
we share feminine passion.
One face is son.
One face is a father.
One face is an elder,
yet there is but one
Within each is all, brother, father, son, grandfather each in turn,
yet all remain within each soul.

I call to them from before.
I call to those from now.
I call to those yet to come.
Together let us become the wheat,
whose roots intertwine in the field of all realities
those that have been and those yet to be.
I call you to speak with one voice
that will echo among the ages.

Let our voices be heard.
Let our voices be as one.
Let our voices radiate the power
to create our will.
Open the doors between the realms of time and space,
as we stand on the threshold between yesterday and tomorrow.
Let our voices be clear and strong,
sending our message beyond the beyond.

In the time before time.
In the time before space.
In the time before the first
life sparked into being
there was the spirit of the Life Bringers.
Older than old, with no beginning or end
they challenged the darkness to produce life and light.

Through them came all the others.
Through them came all life.
Through them came all possibilities.
I call to them now with their memory of all
to awaken and return to this time and space.
Bring your wisdom and grace
back to this realm.
Let all the others, to numerous to name, both light and dark
return at your side.
Our world has been bloodied by greed and hate.
Our world has become a place of fear and shame.
Our world has been over run by men,
who wish to control and dominate,
destroying all that creates life and light.
Return to us now in our realm,
make your power be felt.

Make your power be seen.
Make your power be the force,
which restores balance and justice in all nations.
As it was in the beginning and every moment after,
may the light of your love fill every women.
May your flame fill our souls, hearts and minds.
Connect us with each other and with the Divine light.
May we be the healers, the warriors, the truth speakers,
the creators of the divine spark of peace and love.
With each may be the all,
yet within the all may each voice
sing its own truth with clarity and pride.
As the one became many,
may the many become one
let our will be done.”

Okay here are the traditional ones. Remember not to get specific in either name or description. List the character traits you desire--do not list the physical ones as if you were giving a description to a police sketch artist. Ask for intelligence, a sense of humor, educational level, for mutual respect, that she or he be attractive to you and you to him or her, ask for an age range--do not ask that he have long, sandy blonde hair that is held back in a ponytail, stunning blue eyes, dimples, a good butt, and is wearing a blue shirt who just happens to looks like Mike in the next cubicle. That would be black magic and bad karma.

Three candles love spell--
if you really think you must

What you will need:

A pink candle
A white candle
A red candle
And a list of attributes you would like in a mate
White, pink and red rose petals

Sprinkle the rose petals together on the list, saying:

“Loved from within I do reach out
with complete hope and lack of doubt.”

Fold the four corners of the list toward the center, keeping the rose petals inside saying:

“From the east, south, west and north
I look for love in every port.”

Light the white candle and allow the wax drip on the list, sealing the edges close to keep the rose petals inside and say:

“With pure motives I seek out
the one who will share love with lack of doubt.”

Light the pink candle and allow the wax to drip on the list, sealing it and say:

“Let our friendship be filled with trust and wonder
which will make us stronger when others attempt to rip us asunder.”

Light the red candle and drip the red on the other two seals and say:

“May our passion for life and each other
keeps us together one to another.
We do seek to become one
while keeping our individuality from being undone.
Strong in ourselves separate and bold
but together we chose each other hold.
Not out of need or shame
we come to each other freely without blame.
Seeking to help each other grow towards the Divine light
we still have each other for comfort on the darkness night.”

Three roses

A very simple love spell, which allows you to ask for three things your true love will be.

What you will need:

Three white roses
A river or creek
Red thread
Three slips of paper with the three most important qualities you seek. For example:

My true love will be a man (woman) who is honest and kind.
My true love will be a man (woman) who respects me as much as I respect him/her.
My true love will be a man (woman) who is forgiving, honorable and wise with a sense of humor, which helps him meet life with balance.

Tie a quality to each of the rose with the red thread. Go to the river and toss in a rose for each line.

“One to seek
One to find
One to make our love shine”

Then go something that you really enjoy doing that involves other people. Having a good time doing an activity you love brings you into contact with others of like mind. In short--be yourself, love life, laugh and play and others will be drawn your way.

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