Monday, February 26, 2007

Energy Reading for March 2007
Theresa Chaze

There continues to be many multi-level and multi-dimensional changes happening for everyone. If you think you have been excluded, you are either not paying attention or you are lying to yourself. It is the time of revelation, not the one from the Bible, but the exposing of our true hearts and souls. No longer will excuses or the blame game be able to hide us from what karma accounting we have earned. For those who chose to have the courage to face the challenges head on, there will be resources and the support that you need; those, who chose to attempt to run, will be bit in the butt by what they are running from.

From the past, we are carrying forward the need for peace and harmony. Although we thought we had a brief time out, it was just an illusion. The changes continued within and without even though we seemed to be hiding in a safe place. At that time the changes were happening on such a grand scale, we couldn't see how they affected our individual lives. But the spiral has once again to tighten its loops and we will once again be swept up in the energy changes.

For the month of March, the energy will be represented by the Death card. I'm going out on a limb to say that in March, Death will affect our lives on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. There will be many who chose to leave the earthly plane this month. Their jobs are either done or they are no longer able to accomplish their tasks from this plane of existence. Instead, they will move to the upper realms and direct the flow of energy from there. Those that will remain will have their beliefs and traditions challenged down to the core. As the waves crash on the shore, something old will be unearthed, which will prove much that is believed as truth to be false. No one will unscathed; no one will be left untouched by the changing sands of light.

The energy we will take out of March is Rejuvenation or the Judgment card. Casting off the old shackles, we will find new freedom from the old traditions and beliefs. The Justice bill will be coming due for everyone. How we have treated ourselves, others, and the planet will determine what color ink the balance will be written in. Those who have done harm and refused to learn their karmic lessons will find a deficit in their accounts, while those, who have come to the aid of others and done their best to move forward, will be blessed beyond their imagination.

There were two cards that wanted to describe the challenges we will all be facing. The six of cups is the past coming into the present like the snake eating its tail we will begin a new cycle by going back to the beginning. Old friends, old challenges, and old beliefs will reappear in our lives. Some will be blessings, while others will again challenge us. The second card is the eight of pentacles. It is a card of acceleration and out of control movement. Half hazard encounters and coincidences will make us question just how much control we have in our lives. The answer is as much as we are willing to take responsibility for. Their are no accidents in life, just attention getting methods of the Divine when we don't listen to the messages being sent.

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